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Integrity is defined by dictionary.com as having a strong moral and ethical code. Here, at Lloyd Townsend our personal lifes are reflections of our business life. Vice versa. Each employee of our company is an honest and active...
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Most businesses can use an extra set of hands to handle a big project or a new surge in business. But most are also reluctant to hire full-time staff. A staffing agency can provide temporary employees to help with a wide variety of business tasks. Working closely with the staffing agency...
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Lloyd Townsend LLC and Lloyd Townsend s.r.o. is an American-Slovakian owned and operated company. We bring many years of North American experience in the employment industry to apply in your behalf on the European market...

European Corporation American Style - Global Market, Global Challenges

What is the truth about the speed, scale and unstoppable momentum of business process outsourcing and offshoring? What will be the net impact of outsourcing on American and European economies? Who else would have answers to these questions if not Lloyd Townsend?



When you are out of work or looking for a better job, posting your resume online can help you cover your foundation.

Of the various sources you may find your next job, in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary it is becoming increasingly more likely that you'll find a job through the Instajob career site. Visit Instajob today to build your job-seeker profile, apply to the latest job announcements, and take advantage of resources found at Instajob.sk and Instajob.hu.

Resume posting can give you a jump start to your new job by increasing your chances of being seen by potential employers and recruiters.

Posting resumes on the Internet isn’t a sign of desperation, but posting resumes indiscriminately is a sign of gullibility among other things.


If you don't have a resume yet, please subscribe at Instajob.sk or Instajob.hu, where you'll find a lot of tips and tools to help you create a winning resume

  • Convert your resume to a text-only document (see the tips below).
  • Update the words and phrases in your resume so that an employer or recruiter doing an online search will find your resume.
    For example: If you are a computer programmer and your job title was 'Programmer/Analyst II', but what you want a job for is really related to HTML web page programming, you should make sure that you mention HTML, web pages, programming and other related words and phrases all over in your resume. Don't over-do it – your resume should still read nicely, but make sure that you include the keywords and phrases that you'll want to be found under.
  • Keep a Word formatted copy of your resume as you may also want to upload the .doc version. Plus, interested hiring managers will generally ask for a better formatted resume than what the job board offers them.

This allows you to customize your resume for each type of job you would consider to somewhat match your potential employer, without you even knowing who that employer is.

You can't be specific and talk directly to your new boss by name on a job board, so you should change your cover letter to reflect that. Your cover letter should also be converted to a text-only document.

Instajob will allow you to post your picture along with your resume and it's internal system may forward your resume to companies in your area searching for people with your skill set.

To fill out an Instajob's resume builder section, you'll need to gather your job history, your education information and skills from out of your resume and type them in separately.

For each job, list:

  • The name of the company you worked for.
  • Your start and end date.
  • What your job responsibilities were.
  • Your major accomplishments at that job.

Instajob.sk and Instajob.hu has a feature called Job Agent; which are automatic search engines that look for jobs that match what you want. Instajob's job agents can be setup to email you a list of matching jobs as often as you like. It is worth taking the time to make sure that you have several job agents setup to send you not too many and not too few job leads. Try to setup a few different agents that target jobs that are slightly more broad than exactly what you are looking for. This allows you to filter out the job notifications you don't want, but makes sure you get all the ones you don't want to pass up.

Recruiting Process3 step approach

Our company works with numerous recruiters to find applicants, especially for higher level jobs. In addition to using traditional means of recruiting we value social networking, therefore our two brands – nizozemsko.sk and mahol.hu – were born.


Planning & Strategy

We define the strategy, and company's direction on individual bases. Only then we make decisions on allocating our resources to pursue this strategy.


We take care of our branding and identity management needs in house. Our full-service marketing capabilities provide the grounds to a successful project launch.

Test & Delivery

Lloyd Townsend provides a full range of recruitment solutions with convenient locations, flexible delivery models and customized programs.

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